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Glass Door Fittings

Glass Door Fittings

Our Glass Door Fittings & Ironmongery products have been carefully selected for interior & glass office needs, our glass door fittings, patch & hinges are both functional and well designed to match with any of today's projects & requirements, If your project is personal or commercial, we can offer a full technical back up plus additional products & services, such as glass partition profiles & powder coat services with bespoke CNC frame options to support your interior needs and we would love to hear from you.

Patch Fittings 

Are a frame-less glass concept, which evolved from the end user demand designs required for modern-day glass interior offices and exterior shop front design options used when requiring fit out, on commercial & private residential projects.

Patch fittings are used in collaboration with glass panels with the most common of these being 10 mm & 12 mm toughened glass with some of the larger market fittings accepting 15 mm glass thickness's with the for-mentioned architectural hardware. Patch fitting concepts have various functions like glass frame-less doors in the form of single leaf width “one glass door” or double leaf width “two glass doors side by side” and very commonly are used opposite frame-less fixed panels and frame-less glass screens known as “Glass Partitions” which is one of QIC's top fields of expertise, in addition ! a popular request is added light demand this can be incorporated with glass over panels and “L” shape patch fittings to achieve this detail. Other glass door details like & top and bottom hydraulic self-closing patch devices have become very common place in recent years due to the lack of floor drilling that is required when fitting this type of patch oppose to a hydraulic floor spring, although a hydraulic floor spring should not be discounted because they can service more robust fitting for heavy traffic and heavy door weights under regular use-age.

Patch fitting assistance is often a silicon sealant fix in-between the two toughened glass panels to act as a cushion to protect the adjacent panels from damage or alternatively a Clear or Black PETG glass joint strip can be used to create a similar finish but with the added benefit of a wall of glass look when looking down the corridor, these have become very popular as this is a much cleaner working environment for fitting teams oppose to the skilled but messier silicone sealed option.

Glass cut outs & holes are required to fix the glass patch fittings to the glass patch and often act as a additional security control measure on glass door leafs “patch locks & strikes or a lockable lever latch” for a single leaf or double leaf glass door options.

Patch fitting are generally made of forged steel with choices of 304 interiors “most common” or 316 exterior stainless-steel cover plates. The most common finish is a brushed steel effect SSS, although polished and painted covers like black are entering the market to match partition powder coat finishes & designs.

The Meaning of a Hydraulic fitting: Actuator - A device which converts hydraulic power into mechanical force and motion. (Examples: hydraulic cylinders and motors.) Bleed - The process by which air is removed from a hydraulic system. ... Closed Center System - A hydraulic system in which the control valves are closed during neutral, stopping oil flow. “in short to normal people self closing the door on demand or holding open on demand”.

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