6 Ways Glass Partitioning Can Improve Your Health

6 Ways Glass Partitioning Can Improve Your Health

Glass partitions are changing the way offices use their floor space, with open floor plans becoming increasingly popular the building management services need to adapt with them.

What are glass partitions?

Simply put they are glass office walls that are usually single glazed or double glazed systems, they can be easily put up and rearranged in anyway you like to fit or any purpose you may have for them. For example setting up meeting pods in a office space or creating private work areas for those who wish to escape the daily noise of a busy office day. Office partitioning can help people in these spaces and we're going to cover how.


1. More natural light for your spaces

Now more than ever do we understand the importance of a naturally lit area for working in, natural light is needed. While fixed partitions can help spread natural light across a office space a portable glass partition and can help you and your wellbeing far better than any unnatural light could.

Natural lighting comes with a load of benefits including but not limited to:

  • Increase production of vitamin D

  • Helps people to focus

  • Improves circadian rhythms and sleep patterns

  • Plus many more.

2. Glass partitioning is low cost to maintain

The great thing about introducing a glass partitioning project into your workspace is the fairly low maintenance costs surrounding it. In most cases the whole installation process for the glass partitioning can be done within a matter of hours with little impact on day to day operations meaning you can carry on while your new space is being set up.

Unlike fixed panels, glass partitions can be easily reconfigured to suit any need you or any clients may have for a office design, once the installation phase of the project has been completed you are free to move the glass partitioning into any configuration you like.


3. Glass partitions have great acoustics

As mentioned earlier open floor plans have become the new norm when it comes to office design, meaning noise now travels further than ever before in the office. Glass partitions can help to reduce that noise by creating a solid space between busy areas of work.

By utilising half height office partitions you can help to reduce any ambient noise altogether allowing workers to stay more focused during the work day.


4. A great looking workspace the way you want it

With use of modular partitioning you are able to easily reconfigure the spaces until you find the perfect set up for your new glass walls.

Using glass partitioning over traditional drywall options gives you a whole new world of options for customising your work spaces at a fraction of the cost.

5. Glass office partitions can help your mental health

Studies have shown that during the winter months a small percent of the population can be affect by SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) which can affect productivity, sleep, morale and can even attribute to weight gain. It's believed that a lack of natural light during the daytime is one of the main reasons people become affected with SAD.

Using glass partitions in a office environment can help to spread more natural light across a given space where as old drywall partitioning will restrict the reach of natural lighting in your space. While glass office partitions will not cure SAD the additional sunlight can be useful for producing more vitamin D.


6. Glass partitioning gives the illusion of space

Glass partitioning can create an illusion effect on a space to make it look bigger. This gives the feeling of freedom and mobility to people who may spend the majority of the day there. Using glass partitioning you are able to achieve a much healthier environment and one that people enjoy being in. Whatever size your rooms are or the dimensions there is a solution for you.


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