Partitioning Base Channel, 25mm Deep (SG)

SKU: SG01&02/9010/NONE

SG Aluminium Two Part Glazing Base Track 25mm x 25mm x 3000mm

  • Designed for glass screens & glazing
  • 3000mm in length
  • Two part for easy glass installation
  • 10-12.8mm glass thickness
  • Lightweight & strong for fixing
  • Dimensions 25mm x 25mm 
  • Acoustically Tested
  • Optional flipper gasket 
  • 4 RAL stock colours available
  • Joining cleats for longer runs (sold separately)  
  • If ordering Satin anodised finish, please note that 25mm of each end are clamped during the anodising process
  • This product should only ever be used as a base track - it is not suitable for wall or ceiling application. 

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