Glass Door Pull Handles

Glass Door Pull Handles

All our handles are sold as pairs & made from stainless 304 steel and have a full simulated brushed effect, ( except Matte Black ) they are supplied with hidden grub key fixings and glass protective gaskets plus glass protective spacers for common 10 - 12 mm glass thickness, the two common styles offered are "D" & "H" style in various sizes, we now have a range of Black Matte fittings which arrived late 2019, we intend to receive square style & off-set style shaped handles 2020, please scroll down to see current sizes available.

All our handles are easy to install, as long as the glass preparation is used and advised to the glass suppliers correctly, these handles will service the life of the glass door being fitted. It is recommended that the glass edge distance to the hole center drilling is 150 mm on average for top and bottom positions.

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