Glass Sliding Tube Door Rails

Glass Sliding Tube Door Rails


The photo below is what is known as a tube "MANET" style sliding glass door system for frame-less glass doors, this style has a huge benefit when space saving is required, the version shown below is a dual action model which consists of twin (two) sliding glass doors that close to the center, the bar/tube itself is fixed & joined to the over panels that are drilled in-to 10-12 mm toughened safety glass allowing the brackets & hangers to be mechanically fixed, other fixing options such as wall 2 wall brackets, or masonry brackets ( shown either end of the photo ) are additional options and are available individually, stainless steel pull handles are also a popular choice with this method, the system is mainly used for offices / car showrooms / showers to provide extra light into a property, we are seeing a growing popularity in domestic private homes when just one glass door is required as shown in the diagram below

If you would like this product installed please get in touch & we will recommend the best partner to work with based on location.

Glass Door Sliding Systems / Tube Rail Type - 1000's More On LineGlass Door Sliding Systems / Tube Rail Type - 1000's More On Line
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